The guys love the TPR2 product! They said it goes on very smooth! Thanks again! You'll be getting more orders as we need the Thermal Barrier.
Jay R. Engelmeyer
President - Minnesota Spray-Foam Insulation
TPR2 coatings are hands down our preference. Their yield in the field is significantly higher than other thermal coatings we’ve tried. We get up to 25% higher field yield with the TPR2 products, which is a significant savings to us. As a contractor I need the most cost effective, easy to use fire protection, and TPR2 coatings are those products.
Mike Healey
Austin Spray Foam LLC
While I don't claim to be Jamie on "Mythbusters" I would say the tests undeniably confirmed that the TPR2 paint we purchased and used on our FC body did an outstanding job protecting against ongoing fire on our sample."
Randy G.
Besides racing...starting to put it on the side of houses to keep houses from catching fire.
David Reiff
ESPN pit announcer
Think about this...The body of a funnycar is $50,000. So, $600 of this special paint is worth every penny.
Paul Page
Auto Racing Commentator ESPN
Dear Temprotex, Enclosed please find the photos of your company logo on the roof of my funny car. I wish I could send you some photos of it going down the track but I don't think I will be ready until the summer. Thank you for offering racers a kickback on the cost, every little bit helps us part timers. Your product was very easy to apply and simple to work with.
Dave DeAngelis
DeAngelis Motorsports
Charles McLaws
McLaws Motorsports
We sprayed some of your Fireshell® coating today over some foam. You can tell by the amount of solids in the paint that it is a quality product. We sprayed a basement with Freedom Foam and some other brand of foam that I got to try. The Fireshell® bonded extremely well to the Freedom Foam, no adhesion issues what so ever.
Freedom Foam Spray
Look at that..No flame, No toxic smoke...This stuff's just incredible...just a couple gallons can save teams thousands and thousands of dollars in repair bills.
John Kernan
ESPN announcer
Protects the drivers, protects the race cars for a very economical expenditure.
John Medlen
Crew chief for John Force Racing
I am writing to inform you that based on the testing performed at the SCAQMD laboratory and the formulation and technical data provided by TPR2, we are pleased to add your company to the SCAQMD list of Super-Compliant Architectural Coating Manufacturers along with a contact number and a link to your website. Since the Fire-Retardant Coating Category was subsumed by the coating category for which they are formulated as of January 1, 2007, your company will be listed as a manufacturer of non-Flat Fire-Retardant Coatings.
Heather Farr
SCAQMD laboratory
We did run those tests and there is no doubt your product is superior to other ones we tested. It's good for longer and doesn't get into full flame when it does go, and a very minimal amount of smoke. So. Pretty impressive.
Englishtown NHRA
The coating that saves NASCAR drivers lives.
Sports Tech Radio
We are putting in heat treating furnaces and are using your spray on coatings over some flammable poly covered with pyrocrete. We are really happy with the product.
Phil Gilley
Norwest Mfg. Inc.

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