Professional Racing Fire Protection Products

Put safety first, and choose advanced motorsports coatings from TPR2. We have engineered a specialty product line geared towards Professional Motorsports. Designed exclusively for extreme motorsports, TPR2 fire protection products are saving lives in both NHRA and NASCAR™ racing by insulating drivers from extenuating heat generated in vehicle, providing fire barrier protection to keep flammable substrates from igniting, improving fire safety by extinguishing liquid fires attacking vehicles and equipment, and minimizing toxic smoke generation while increasing visibility in the event of car flare-up. For more information on NASCAR™ and NHRA advanced motorsports coatings, check out the top-of-the-line products below.

NASCAR Fire Protection

Part Number: F5E

TEMPROTEX Insulative / Intumescing Coating

A high performance water based, fast drying, team sprayable, coating for use on MFT Panels and IMPAXX foam barriers.


TEMPROTEX/MFT Pre-coated Panel

Strong, light, TEMPROTEX coated panel, NASCAR reviewed, for use with COT side barrier systems.

National Hot Rod Assoc. Fire Protection


TEMPROTEX NHRA Intumescing Fire Protective Coating

A high performance water based, fast drying, team sprayable coating for use on Car bodies, plastic/composite panels and flexible lines and hoses.


TEMPROTEX NHRA Fireproof Saturant

This saturant can be used to signtificantly improve fire resistance of fabrics, foams, chute cords, straps, and other flexible anporous substrates.


Measures coating thickness on your car body

The PosiTector® 200 Series non-destructively measures a wide variety of applications using proven ultrasound technology. Measures coating thickness on your car body. Advanced models measure up to 3 individual layer thicknesses in a multi-layer system and features a graphic readout for detailed analysis of the coating system. Proven non-destructive ultrasonic technique conforms to ASTM D6132 and ISO 2808 and SSPC PA9 . PosiTector® 200 Series

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