Product Development

No off the shelf product can meet all applications. TPR2's skilled "solutions" team solves product, code adherence, special needs and extreme situation requirements for a host of customers.

If we do not offer a stock item, many times TPR2 can customize a product for a unique end use. TPR2 provides these services through our research & development group via a contract with the specific customer. Many times these custom applications become new products for the customer and materialize into improved market share and/or competitive advantage.

Our applications experts can solve equipment, procedural and even training issues to ensure products are not compromised by field related errors. TPR2's Custom Solutions can enhance the performance of your products and reduce the cost of development by providing safe, innovative approaches for your products. Our efficient processes allows you to deliver a superior product to market before your competition realizes that they need to start developing the same thing.

Fill out our Product Development R&D Form below with your specific challenges and needs for immediate response or simply give us a call! 860.767.8772

Product Development / Research & Development Rates
Code approval / Extreme Situation Consulting $150 $5,000 Negotiable*
Field/Application Consulting $150 $5,000 Negotiable*
Product Analysis / Corrective Action $150 $5,000 Negotiable*
Product development/Engineering Services $150 $5,000 Negotiable*
Other Negotiable* Negotiable* Negotiable*

*Requires 25% retainer up front

  • All services are based on product development/consulting labor only.
  • Expenses, T & E, postage and non-customary supplies are separate.
  • All work based on 8-hour day, 5-day workweek.
  • Any services require 1-week minimal billing.
  • Billing occurs on a 2-week cycle.
  • Sufficient timeframe for ending the services will be agreed upon in writing up front.
  • Payment specifics: All services are net 15 days, with .5% per month charged beyond.

Product Development / Research & Development Form
Company Name: 

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Present Product 

Material Type & Processing Method 

Volume Potential: LBS, PCS, GAL Per Year 

Is the present product solving problem? 
Yes   No

Is it a new code regulation? 
Yes   No

If yes, please state the code 

Type of solution requested 
New product to solve problem
Lower system cost solution
More environmentally friendly
Application assistance

Specifications to meet.
Please include ASTM#, NFPA#, FAR#, UL#, etc..and pass/fail criteria you want to meet.

What percentage cost increase can the end product increase and still be financially viable? 


Customer Expectations 

  • TPR2 provides these services through our research & development group via a contract with the specific customer.
  • Hourly rates are $150/hr for development services with certain minimum contract periods.
  • Samples of the product and material and pictures, msds, spec sheets, etc will help with the accuracy of the quote price and timing.
  • Sufficient notice timeframe for either side to cancel will be agreed upon in writing upfront.

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