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Customized Thermal/Ignition Barrier Coatings Meet Spray Foam Market Challenges

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Customized thermal / ignition barrier coatings meet the challenges posed by a highly differentiated spray polyurethane foam market.READ ARTICLE

Single Application Thermal Barrier Coating Over Spray Foam Passes NFPA 286 Test

Bayseal® CC approved with Fireshell® BMS-TC coating as a thermal barrier solution.
Elmendorf , TX - June 10, 2011 : Bayseal® CC closed cell foam with TPR2’s Fireshell® BMS TC intumescent coating has successfully passed the NFPA 286 full scale room corner test for use over spray polyurethane foam, adding to TPR2’s already diverse portfolio of accepted systems over a multitude of foams. READ ARTICLE

New Spray Foam System Meets the 2006 IBC Section 803.2

DEMILEC (USA) LLC® and TPR2 teamed up in October 2008 in order to fast track an NFPA 286 solution for DEMILEC (USA) spray foam insulation products. The results of their joint testing have been so successful that DEMILEC (USA) LLC® and TPR2 have agreed to join forces in order to develop additional fire and smoke solutions. READ ARTICLE

Spray Foam and Intumescent Coatings Solve Water Treatment Plant Problem

TPR2 Fireshell® intumescent coating overcome big challenge for 10,000 sq. ft. water treatment tank project. READ ARTICLE

Thermal Coatings..Cheaper Than Sheetrock

Spray Foam Finally Gets a Price Competitive Edge Against Fiberglass Insulation and Batting Valid or not, more and more inspectors are requiring a thermal barrier in places that have historically only required an ignition barrier. READ ARTICLE

Even Police Need Protection!

Greenwich, Connecticut Police Department Specifies Spray Foam Wall Insulation and TPR2 Building Code Compliant Fire Protection Coatings READ ARTICLE

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TPR2 Corp. introduced the FireShell® Thermal Barrier coating, described as an ultra-thin-film, paint-on thermal barrier for urethane foam. The product is reported to successfully pass the IBC-compliant NFPA 286 full-scale Room Fire Test. READ ARTICLE

Worlds first I.B.C. Compliant Thermal Barrier Coating for Spray Foam Insulation

TPR2 Corporation has introduced the first UTF(Ultra thin film) paint-on thermal barrier for urethane foam to successfully pass the IBC compliant NFPA 286 full scale Room Fire Test.READ ARTICLE

Fire Safety With Specialty Coatings

Fire protection has been recognized as a crucial part of public and commercial building design for decades. Following the collapse of the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, increased attention has been focused on the need to ensure that adequate fire protection is incorporated and maintained in buildings where large numbers of people might be present. READ ARTICLE

Composites Industry Monthly May 07 - TPR2 Bringing Improved FST to Composites

TPR2 (Thermal Product Research) Corporation is a young research and development company focused on the creation of fire-retardant, low cost, and environmentally safe coatings, plastics, thermally insulative foams. READ ARTICLE
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