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TPR2 is a company developed to provide revolutionary products and solutions for fire, heat, thermal and safety issues that a multiple of industries face today. Our proprietary formulations, unique product compositions and rapid, custom solutions build a strong foundation for cost effective, creative, quick-response solutions to suit our customers' needs.

TPR2 corporation's fire / thermal experience dates back from over 20 years in military and proprietary, private research & development plus countless applications of coatings. Remember, a coating is only as good as the application!

TPR2 understands the importance as well as the cost of the new fire/safety codes being imposed on the marketplace. Although necessary, they do add expense, labor, and almost always, complication. TPR2 coatings, additives, and composites save customers money, unlike the difficulty and expense of making structure modifications in order to comply with new/upgraded codes. Overall system costs actually save customers money.

TPR2 provides custom solutions, quickly, as well as off-the-shelf revolutionary products. TPR2's skilled Solutions Team solves product problems, deals with code adherence issues, addresses special needs/extreme situation requirements and answers application issues.

TPR2's mission is to consistently provide our customers with timely solutions, world class quality products and services which meet or exceed their expectations.

In our pursuit of this mission, we will work as a team with our clients to encourage creative problem solving in a working environment, which recognizes individual contribution. TPR2 will work with our clients efficiently to extend our value as the "rapid solutions" company we have charted to be trive to enhance value to our customers and shareholders, thereby providing growth and continued benefit to all associated with TPR2.

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